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Hello! First of all, thanks for clicking the little "about" link which I assume interests you. Therefore, thanks for your time, as cheeky as it sounds. My name is Klaudia and I created this blog as my little space to let my whirlwind of thoughts loose. I am 19 years old and here you'll find my thoughts and words on mostly beauty, but also fashion, photography and little random things make me happy.

As of 2016, I'm on my gap year after finishing high school (graduated in economy). I have absolutely no idea of what I want to do next. I'm not "ooh, I'll just sort out my possibilities" kinda gapper, but more of a "I literally have no future plans in my head and I'm scared to death". So I started this blog as my escape and something I really enjoy doing, followed by a Youtube channel in September 2015 where I'm sharing my makeup looks and having chill beauty and a few random talks. 

I actually have a pretty wide selection of blogs I used to run, all of which are now deleted because I didn't find myself fully evolve and get creative in any of them. Yes, I'm talking about my 2008-2009 "XD" phase blogging, followed by a dozen of fan blogs for the singers I used to love. But I never focused on myself. Now as I'm older I've finally found my true passion in life and that is makeup and beauty (nails excluded, I hate that department. I just got no nerves for those itty bitty bits of fingers that require constant upkeep). Along the usual beauty scheme, I truly enjoy capturing the moments and sharing some of my fashion favorites, you get the idea. I also attempted to do Youtube videos at 14, and aborted the plan after 3 published videos. Putting my digital camera on a closet door handle and taking the opportunity when no one was home seemed a bit weird to me at the time. Now the camera is my best friend haha!

I am an easy-going, honest and slightly head-bugged kid, as I fear almost everything. Although most of the time I do smile and grin, life is something that really doesn't please me all the time. As a perfectionist, I get annoyed at the smallest mishaps. I'm trying to convincing myself to believe in the power of faith and positivity in the matter of succeeding in something. I tend to grab every opportunity as it comes at me and make the best out of it. I figure life should be filled with experiences instead of things.

Not letting this get deep to the point where I can't see it anymore, I'll just say: I hope you enjoy your time on this lovely virtual space of mine! Thanks for your time, it means a lot! xo

Did I mention I'm from Croatia?