Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Experience (& General Admission Fiasco) + Tips!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hi loves!
Although I'm still technically on my break due to the issues I explained in previous post, I decided to vent out on here and possibly keep this as a reminder of this eventful day to read myself to sleep in 6 years time. I finally gathered my thoughts and came back to my normal self 2 days after seeing my favorite singer live for the second time, this time in my very city! Let me take you along...

It was a sunny, chilly November Wednesday, the ninth of the month. The day I was anticipating since March, when I snatched my ticket early in the morning. I was about to see Justin Bieber live for the second time. (long story short; my favorite artist since 2009, grew up with him, stayed through thick & thin. He's a whole package.)
I've been on his Believe Tour back in 2013 in Vienna (how could we ever forget that iconic wing entrance) and three years later, he's finally coming to my city, actual city where I live. If you had told this to my 13-year-old self, I'd probably lose my shit and/or laugh straight to your face cause a) Croatia is literally Narnia of Europe and b) read statement A again.
But it happened. And I was so ready!
In 2013 I got standing tickets for the side of the arena, pretty far away from the stage but I had a clear side view of the backstage as well. This time I stupidly opted for general admission (in further text: GA) ticket *shrieks*.

Let's start from the beginning. November 9. First on the agenda was my final ultrasound appointment that I briefly talked about on twitter and last post here, before I get on acne medications. So it was quite exciting that I'm finally getting this crap done. I knew that I wouldn't have much time at home today so I stuffed myself with almost everything edible in the house, I was pretty positive that I'd need every bit of energy.
So my breakfast consisted of a bucketload of oatmeal, sweet pastry, all kinds of chocolate and a wafer (trust me, I'm one of those people who have a Marry Poppins bag type of body. I don't know where the hell it all fits).

The sight of "general admission" written on my ticket gave me anxiety each time I glanced at it so I knew I had to turn up a lot earlier before the show.
If you happen not to know, general admission is a death sentence you willingly sign up for as a price to see your favorite musician. It's a hunger games type situation. It's "kill or be killed". It's "who shall survive, shall tell the story". To furthermore explain, it's a bunch of fans on crack gathered in one place and that place is you. Your actual body. Fourteen people surrounding you in 1 foot diameter, touching your body parts you thought you'll never get touched, being stuck and twisted in the weirdest angles, questioning is it humanly possible to be bended at such angles and shocking yourself with own abilities.

I've arrived at the arena around 2 pm, and the show was due 8 pm. The first half of the waiting game was fairly chill, until everyone stood up at 3 pm and started pushing, scratching, pulling and shoving. Basically the exact same survival mode as described in the previous paragraph.
I pulled my jacket hood on to avoid my hair being pulled (as much as possible) and began a deadly stare period at the clock, trying my best to stay on my feet.
Eventually I found myself just above the sack mandarin oranges someone has left behind. I don't think I need to mention that eventually I produced fruit jam on the bottom of my Converse.

The arena gates finally opened at 6 (picture yourself a situation how it looked having the doors open outwards because I really don't want to relive that bit, even in my memory) and the monstrous pushing continued inside the dreaded GA pit.
I physically felt my brain shutting down, struggling to hold my head straight and now there was even more fuel added to the fire: my dumb self was so busy running to get closer to the stage so I forgot to leave my winter, fat jacket. Yes, one with the furry hood and scrunchy, feathery lining. And it felt like mid-summer in there.

The opening acts finished their parts and Justin was (to my luck) not late to start the show. As if I didn't have enough for today, I promised to live stream to people on periscope and facebook, and the connection was too weak for me to proceed. I was gutted, I almost started crying in despair. I managed to get a few snaps but not even my phone had enough memory to record full song performances (damn you 32gb ancient iPhone 5). On my last strands of energy, physically drained, I decided to enjoy my favorite singer's performance without my arm up in the air and a phone on its end.
I was quite near the stage although the bunch was moving and pushing the whole time so I did my time closer and further. But most importantly, I had a clear vision of Justin in several feet in front of me.

The show was fantastic, out of this world exciting and deeply thought-out, incredibly detailed and breathtaking. It'd be even better if I remembered more than 30% of it. I started blacking out pretty soon, as I started sweating like a pig, ending up being as wet as Justin during Sorry performance (spoiler: it rains on the stage). I was having major trouble breathing, standing on my tip toes to reach up for some air above the heads surrounding me. I promised myself I won't be one of the fainting girls the staff takes away. I was damn near close giving up, but I was there for Justin. I wanted to experience this as thoroughly as possible.

The last song on the show was ultimate fan favorite, Sorry. I couldn't believe myself when the though of hope and it's-finally-over came to my mind. In a normal situation, I would've wanted the show to never end. But we're talking about the life essentials here. I remember this one vividly, and I can't get the sight of Justin in that white shirt, dancing under pouring water and strolling nearer the audience, wet as a spring daisy in the cold morning. I'm not your scream-in-the-face fangirl, and I low key despise those kinds who lose their sense of self at such given situations, but that sight was beautiful. You could almost count the lines on his firm physique, separating his torso muscles hiding behind the soaking white fabric. Excuse me, I had to.

With a whirlwind of thoughts and an essential survival need, I headed out as soon as the lights turned on after the show was over with. As soon as I got home, I was debating whether to burn my clothes or dump it in the laundry to wash. And had a most intense shower and hair wash session of life before chugging down 3 cups of water, aka holy drink of gods at this point.

Now I'm not dumb, I know how concerts work. I've done my time at major shows (Justin, Miley Cyrus and 5SOS) but this was on another level. This time there was over 18000 people, which is the biggest audience I was a part of. I may not have religiously recorded every second of the show, but a memory is there and I shall cherish it. Now if you've made it this far in the text, mom I didn't actually stare at his body!
Kidding, thanks! I don't think anyone would be this interested in my whereabouts but apparently you're still here! Now follow me on Instagram buahaha!
Kidding again (but do follow me tho), thank you for your time!
Now I'm going to share some tips if you're about to attend a huge show like this one, gathered from my 3-year experience! Most of these apply if you have a GA ticket so write these down in order not to drop dead.

1.  If you're in a position to choose, avoid GA tickets at all costs. Unless you're one of the lucky 1% of the GA audience to stand the closest to the stage, resting on the fence, which requires camping outside for like 4 years in order to get those spots, go for another area.
2. Wear something you're ready for to be destroyed. Even though it might not actually get destroyed, you'll be treated like a piece of meat in a tiger cage, so lay off the dresses, expensive attires and lord forbid, high heels.
3. Don't spend hours on makeup. It's about to be sweated away.
4. When stuck outside in the crowd waiting, remain calm. There'll be waves of pushing back and forth, people laying on top of you and inability to move your arms from a certain angle, don't even think of getting your phone out or pushing back as a revenge. Focus on maintaining your stability, imagine yourself as a statue and find the most optimal standing position. Don't switch from one leg to another, crossing legs etc. You just won't be able to do so.
5. Eat and drink plenty!! I can't stress this enough. You'll need 10x more energy than usual, eat whatever your heart desires and more! And drink lots of water before you head out. If you get stuck in the crowd you won't be able to carry a bottle of water, or take it out and gulp a sip.
6. If you're planning on recording, make sure to have portable phone charger with you, the smaller the better. And try to keep your hands around the phone so it doesn't get squeezed and cracked by the pushing. I had my phone in the pocket of my jacket, holding it, trying to push against the outside force with my fist, protecting the phone inside my palm.
7. If you happen to start blacking out, call the staff if you can't handle it. But if you want to push through like I did, tiptoe your way up, reaching for air. Also, as you're standing up for so many hours, your lower spine will hurt as hell and you'll have the biggest need to bend down in order to balance it out. As the spine naturally curves inwards our backs, try to hunchback whenever you need to. (you'll probably end up having your butt against someone's crotch but don't think twice. That's the least problem you'll have to deal with)
8. As you get home, head straight to the bathroom and wash every inch of your body. This isn't really a tip since you'll have the need to do it without my reminder, but this is just what you can expect if you're about to attend a massive show like this. You'll feel the dirtiest you've ever felt in life.
9. Concerts you see in youtubers' vlogs with VIP entrances, late arrivals and completely happy experience are far from reality. If you're one of us mortal people, don't expect anything like that. I swear, if I was as famous, that is the only thing in my privilleged I'd take advantage of - dreamy concert experience with no fuss and all this mess I described.
10. If you don't have a friend that loves the artist, or no one to go with for whatever reason, don't panic. You've been waiting long to see your favorite musician live, go for it! I've always went to all concerts by myself and met some incredible people while during the day. And even if you go with a friend or few, you'll most likely get separated in the crowd (applies to GA only). Never in my life I regretted attending by myself, I didn't need to check on anyone and see if they're still here and I just had the best time!
11. Enjoy the show as much as possible! You'll be fulfilled and happy the next day! :)

PS I was pleasantly surprised (and proud) that Justin stayed in my city longer than expected, he even played ice hockey with Croatian hockey team and obviously enjoyed this country! Can't wait for him to be back!

Thank you so much for your time reading! I hope you had fun and learned a thing or two. Let me know in the comments your thoughts, experiences, questions, anything! I'll be happy to get back to you!
See you very soon on Youtube, Instagram and blog! (update coming as well!)

Love, Klaudia.

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  1. This is actually really handy for you to have shared, thanks so much! Also keep up your wonderful work on your blog pretty lady, I loved having a read through it! x


    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, make sure you it comes handy to you one day! :) And thanks for your sweet words love! xx

  2. These are really good tips, i haven't been to a concert in years. Lots of my friends went to see Justin and they really enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you, happy you found them good! Well, once the time comes I hope you remember these tips if you'll be stuck (literally) in a situation! :) That's amazing, I wish I had some Justin-loving friends, I went by myself haha! xx

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