Pearly Green Eyes Summer Makeup

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hey loves, it's time for another makeup tut!
I came up with this super simple yet effective makeup of pearly green pop on the eyes surrounded by mustardy goodness!

I think it'd be perfect for summer nights if you're not about a liner life and a red lip, it looks fresh because of the green and a glossy touch on the lip.
I'm obsessed with this Colourpop shadow in Flower Shop, Colourpop wins me over every single time I try a new product! I'm pretty convinced Colourpop factory is Santa's workshop, with angels working around.

And can we celebrate the fact that I put a LIP GLOSS??! I literally own two lip glosses in total, I never wear them and they've never been my thing. But I decided to whip out this Wet N Wild clear one just to jazz up the look a bit and I love it!

The video is below, let me know how you like it!

Love, Klaudia.

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I'll have to try it. :)

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