Liquid Lipsticks Too Drying? Make Them Work!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Hi loves!
With the liquid lipstick obsession, there will always be someone to rain on their parade. I've been seeing so much complaints about how liquid lipsticks are too drying on their lips it borderline hurts. Well here's a newsflash: they are liquid lipsticks! Do you really expect a super matte product to be an alternative for a moisturizer?
Yes, liquid lipsticks are drying BUT to a certain level. I never in my life felt uncomfortable whilst wearing any of them. And this is coming from someone whose lips bleed on several lines during winter, what a great time to be single.
Now specifically about Colourpop's Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks. I think people exaggerate with moaning about their dryness, saying suck the life out of their pout like nothing else.
Well, it's all about preparation and personal care. You CAN be comfortable while wearing these, just take your time to prepare your lips first. Follow my steps anytime you feel your lips are dry, or straight before applying a liquid lipstick.

1. Exfoliate. I can't stress the importance of this enough. With everything you do, eating, drinking, smiling, talking etc etc your lips obviously shed throughout time. Get a cheap lip scrub or even make one for yourself. I usually mix brown granulated sugar and a tiny bit of honey on the palm of my hand, make a little scrubby cocktail and go to town. Just make sure you have more sugar to honey ratio, as the granules will take off the dead grubby layer from your lips.

2. Moisturize. Obvi. What did you think the second step would be? Get your favorite lip balm and hear me out. Don't apply a single layer. Sure, do it before you go to bed, but before applying a liquid lipstick make sure to slather 17 layers on! I'm not joking. Apply a lip balm to the point you think it's ridiculous. Leave that cake on for 5 minutes and then blot off the excess. By doing this you allow the moisture to sink in to your previously exfoliated lips and by removing the excess you just... well, get rid of a pound of weight.

3. Don't reapply. This is actually a no-brainer since matte liquid lipsticks are formulated to be transfer-proof and long lasting so there's literally no point in reapplying it. If you reapply, it can go cakey in 0.2 seconds and then it can truly get uncomfortable. Layers can start to look visible and at this point you'll dry your lips out. Just keep a single layer on and make sure you don't eat greasy food throughout the wear. The longest time I had a liquid lip on (Colourpop's "Bumble" to be exact) was 14 hours, whilst visiting my relatives on the other side of the country. I didn't reapply, it stayed opaque and comfortable until I washed it off at 1 am when I got home.

4. Drink. Enough. Damn. Water. This is something you learn in the kindergarten and I bow down to this rule and live by it. I make sure to drink at least 2 l of water every single day. Now, I know it can be a bit annoying having to drink 8 glasses of water throughout your day (I often used to forget, and quite regularly kept myself on a single glass of water a day!). This is what helped me. Instead of reminding myself 8 times a day, I narrowed it down to 4. So at each water refuel, I drink double the amount, meaning 500 ml in one go. And that's SO much easier! Just chug two glasses down in the morning and before lunch and you're already halfway there. To make sure you're hydrated, check the color of your pee (TMI but accurate af). Your pee should be completely clear, that's how you know you are hydrated well and enough.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip trap nyx roll on shimmer platinum
To end this off, here's a posey photo of my lips I did for fun. Wearing Colourpop Ultra Matte lip in "Trap" and NYX Roll On Shimmer in "Platinum" on top.

Have a great day everyone!
Now go have two glasses of water!

Love, Klaudia.

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  1. I must admit, I am one to not exfoliate my lips nor drink enough water, but after this I certainly will start to try and take care of them a little more! Thanks for the advice♥

    1. Not pleased to hear that, you should really take care of your lips and overall hydration of your body! Hope it goes well, lovely! xx

  2. Great tips! I cant put on any lipstck without exfoliating and applyinh balm.



    1. Thank you Trecee! Exactly, it's super important and plays a huge role on the outcome. xx