The Power Of Makeup

Sunday, May 15, 2016

the power of makeup
the power of makeup

Before I get into anything, this is the most nervous I've been to write a post and publish a video.
I took the inspiration from the wonderful NikkieTutorials to attempt the Power Of Makeup challenge. Or in my case, makeup of power haha!

My skin is at its worst period right now and it made me pull out my latest option - a dermatologist appointment. I'll be finding out the cause and solution to my breakouts and redness with a professional and I don't want to go out and buy any highly-recommended products myself anymore. The actual texture, feel and condition of my skin is amazing, it's super tender, soft and smooth, but I'm obviously the target of breakouts and the scars that my previous acne has left me with.

So I thought this is the perfect opportunity to share my take on The Power Of Makeup and beat one half of my face to perfection, and leaving the other half the ugly truth.
However, it's essential to mention that what's on both sides is temporary.
Just like how makeup washes off at the end of the day, so will my impurities, just not overnight.

Although I'm really conscious about my bare skin lately, I don't stress out about masking it for a trip to a grocery store. I learned to accept the fact that it's like this only for a certain period, probably punishing me for never washing my face before bed at 13 years old.
I know that with the help of a professional, it'll get back to normal and stop being a bitch.

I use makeup to express myself, continue learning, have fun and create unicorns and rainbows on my eyelids. I believe there are many more valid reasons makeup should be used, but don't try to convince me, other people and most importantly, yourself that it is used to hide a person's real features. If it was, I'll have a chest full of concealers and foundations and won't spend a penny on eye, lip and additional face makeup.
And I love how more and more people are accepting it everyday. There are still makeup shamers, but sad people will be sad. Don't let anyone rain on your parade.
Wear all the makeup or none the makeup you want, boys and girls!
Thanks for taking a minute to read, love you!

Love, Klaudia.

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  1. love this, so brave! gorgeous both sides
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle

  2. Klaudia, you are beautiful, and it's such a coincidence that I've been binge-watching Nikkie's videos lately. I absolutely loved her Power of Makeup video and loved your rendition of it. x


    1. Thank you so much May! I know right? Nikkie is absolute perfection! xx