Whirlwind of Hair Myths: Hair Do's and Don'ts!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hi loves!
Today we're talking about hair. The jewel of our appearance, the locks and strands that can make you bomb or boo.
Sometimes I get caught up in all the overwhelming rules and advice on hair that I forget what is actually the truth and straight up fact. I assume that a lot of people have a giant question mark above their heads as well, considering the amount of articles we are thrown at on how to grow your hair in 0.3 seconds, make it rainbow-colored by eating tuna or cure split ends with nail varnish. Kidding.
But you get my point.

I teamed up with Madison Reed to finally solve some of the biggest misconceptions and get our facts straight. Here are some of the myths I decided to defog. I hear these ever so often and have listened to my whole life, so not that I'm just helping you choose the best for your locks, but to keep as a reminder for myself.

1. Dying your hair is unhealthy?
- Absolutely not!-ish. You are in charge of whether your hair will remain healthy or make it a hay batch. Don't close your eyes and take a leap of faith with the cheapest service around. Make sure you're getting good-ingredient dye instead of harsh and damaging hard-to-read chemicals. Some dyes (either if you're getting it done at a professional or making a magic at home) contain great ingredients that will not only help prevent damage, but will actually act as a healer. Make sure you're getting the color containing argan oil, keratin and natural extracts. They will do the care for you.

If you're thinking about dying your hair for the first time but you're still having second thoughts and doubts, take this test to see what color to choose for your new look that is your match made in heaven!

2. Doing basically anything with wet hair? 
- Hell no! Talk about tying it in a ponytail, curling, styling, brushing and God-forbid strengthening will do your hair no good! When wet, leave your hair to do its thing and leave it up there, chilling. Most of the actions mentioned contain hair pulling, grabbing or forming it in an unnatural way at the time being which causes it to severely damage and greet you with a bouquet of split ends the next morning. That's exactly why I always plan my washing ahead of time, instead of doing it in a rush. I love to leave it completely loose to dry and then proceed with whatever I want.

3. Wash your hair every day?
- Don't even think about it! No but's! Even if your hair is so greasy that you can fry an egg up there, don't wash it every day! The thing is, the more you wash it, the more your hair gets used to it and produces more oil. Even if your hair is dry or frizzy, turn off that tap! The water and shampoo can work against you too, causing your curls to damage, strip down the natural oil that you're so desperate for and fade out the color.
For me, it was a really tough decision to change the washing routine from every two days to every four as my hair was getting greasy in less than two days time. First two weeks were the hardest, I had those extra two days of feeling like a frying pan, but my hair did adjust. Just give it some time and your hair will thank you.

4. Blow dry during the winter to prevent cold?
- Think again. Blow drying anytime is not your best decision, let alone during the winter when the hair is extra sensitive. If you're in a rush, take a look at paragraph number 2 again. Try to plan your washing ahead so you don't have to blow dry it like a mad man if you're rushing out. The best decision is to let your hair dry naturally in a room temperature but if you're really tight with time, opt for a hood or any sort of headwear.

5. Dying hair during pregnancy?
- Nothing to worry about! As mentioned in the first paragraph, nowadays we have such a wide variety of treatments and colors that are healthy and caring. Make sure you're getting those anytime, especially double-check during pregnancy.

6. Trimming the hair will help it grow faster?
- Yes! Now how faster, depends on your natural "speed" of hair growth. But it's definitely one of the best decisions you can make. Even if you're trying to grow your hair longer, don't be afraid to cut those ends! Better say, especially if you're trying to grow your hair longer! During a period of my life I had 3 inches of ends completely wrecked and cracked, but I believed it's worth it since my hair was at my desired length. Looking back, I was such a nuthead. Now I make sure to trim my ends every 3 months to maintain the healthy look and help it grow out.

7. Tying and styling too often is damaging?
- Obviously! Any kind of pulling, stretching and styling the hair too often is doing you no good! Even if your obligations or career requires you to be perfectly tressed up on daily basis, try to ease up the tension as much as you can. Let your hair completely loose for a day. I rarely style it, to be honest, because I've done so much damage to it in the past already. And good for me that I don't need to style it often, not just to keep it as healthy as possible, but because all I am capable of doing is a classic braid and a low ponytail! I'm not even joking!

8. Is heat protection really necessary?
- Not if you hay is what you desire to have on top of your head. Yes, always use heat protection, at all times! You take care of your face so much, making sure you put on SPF and moisturizing cream, why would you leave your hair completely ignored? Especially if you're using a heating styling tools such as curlers or straightners. Those suck the life out of the hair, lead to lack of shine and smoothness and causes the ends to split. Need I say more?

I hope you learned a thing or two and start making wiser decisions! I want to know is there any hair myth that you've heard that's stuck with you? Or do you have any bad or good habits regarding your hair care? Let me know in the comments! xo

Love, Klaudia

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  1. This post was really helpful. I definitely don't wash my hair every day (it would get so dry if I did!) but I do love to leave my hair wet to try naturally :)


    1. Glad you liked it! :) that's a good habit you got! xo