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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

morphe brushes 35b 35k 35o palette
morphe brushes palette
If you've seen all of my videos on Youtube, you may know that Morphe is one of my absolute favorite beauty brands.
I, as most of the beauty junkies, discovered the brand somewhat during the spring of last year and since then I feel they've gotten more and more popular, came out with more and more products and better quality with each release.

I use their brushes for all the makeup looks I do as well, but this time I'm only going to chat about their eyeshadow palettes.

morphe brushes 35b palette
This was the first palette I've ever purchased from Morphe. This very palette brought vividness and color into my makeup collection as I began to branch out and started being fearless with my makeup. I feel like this palette is massively underrated as it contains a bunch of bright, soft and extremely pigmented arrangement of colors that you can create countless looks with! I used this palette in my very first makeup tutorial and since it's so packed with different shades, I decided to start a palette series on my channel and film as many looks as possible with it (and any other palette for that matter. I mean, if you buy a 35-eyeshadow palette, why would you use only a few?!?)
If you're stuck with your neutrals or just want some fun I definitely recommend this beaut!

morphe brushes 35o palette
Ahh the infamous three five oh! You're more likely to win a lottery than to get your hands on this one. However, Morphe stepped up their restock game with this warmth-packed spectrum and it's coming back in stock every so often lately. So the next time you see it available, don't think twice! This palette is the newest addition to my collection and I want to massively thank my US friend for helping me get this! I still haven't played with this one, but once I start dropping tutorials with it, you'll get sick of it in my videos haha!

morphe brushes 35k palette
This one was released at the same time as the 35O but for some stupid unknown reason it didn't get as much hype. I'd describe this one as the cool, edgy sister of the 35O. I love how it has a similar selection of color but with many more cooler tones and smokey hues. I tried to film a tutorial with this twice last week but since I'm having setup problems, the videos didn't see the light of the day (as much as my room did. You'd understand if you follow me on twitter.) However, I'll start a series with this palette as well so you better watch out. Again, it's packed with extremely buttery and vivid shadows and just as beautiful as the 35O! Give this one some love people!

morphe brushes single eyeshadows
Single shadows
I recently got into Morphe single shadows as well. Morphe says that none of their single shadows can be found in any of the palettes and as crazy as it sounds, all of their colors are different. I only have a few basic neutrals but enough for a start. If I'm being honest, I prefer the quality of the palettes by 0,00001% more than the singles. For some reason, once you get used to using the palettes, single shadows feel slightly bit different. Don't get me wrong, still bright and pigmented as hell but with slightly different feel to them. Nonetheless, I'll make sure to pick up some more!

As I said, I love their brushes as well and constantly use them but this post is dedicated to their makeup only. Being at a pretty affordable price point, and their quality constantly improving you can go no wrong with Morphe! If you haven't yet, I recommend you checking the brand as soon as you get a chance! But I absolutely despise the shipping costs. In my mind, I try to justify it by them being such a good quality so I'm less gutted about spending some more haha!

Morphe Brushes makeup and brushes can be purchased at the store in Burbank, California, official website or beautybay.

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction and review of these gems.
Have you tried anything from the brand? Please let me know your thought in the comments! Have a great week everyone!

Love, Klaudia.

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  1. I've been dying to get my hands on the 350 palette, it's absolutely gorgeous. Every time I get on to order it, it's out of stock. Here's hoping that eventually, I can get my hands on it!
    xx Dany

    1. It took me so long to get it too! You definitely will, as they have been bringing it back more often recently! :) xo

  2. Oh man, these are drool worthy palettes! I haven't tried any of these yet but my cousin has them and loves them. I really need to order some, and their brushes!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    1. Oh yes they are! I can't explain how much I love mine! When you get your hands on them, I'd love if you made a post and let me know, I'm sure you'll be obsessed! :) xx

  3. Are you on Bloglovin? Can you send me a link so I can follow?

    1. I recently joined, here: x

  4. I really want the 35O! It always seems to be out of stock though :( I'm loving the 35T in the meantime though :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Chin up, recently it's been going back in stock every week or so! :) I'm sure you'll grab it soon! 35T looks fabulous as well, I'll eventually add that one to my collection too! xo

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