Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her (Worldwide Shipping/Availability)

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello loves!
I'm sure you're seeing gift guides all over the place these days but I still hope you don't mind if I do one myself :)
Now before I begin, I'd like to address a few things.
ALL of these items are the ones that I'd like to get myself, so they are perfect gifts for the loved ones in my opinion. Also, ALL of these items are available WORLDWIDE. The websites provided all ship worldwide, some of them have free shipping over a certain amount (not an arm and a leg, for example feelunique has free worldwide shipping on orders over £10 etc. Please once you enter the link of a certain product, make sure to check shipping rates if you're interested.) I know I have an audience from all over the world so that's why I didn't include websites that are only USA-based (you lucky Americans have all the shiz! May we pretend that I added a non-ending list of Sephora and B&BW products here and that's all the gift guide you need!). Anyway, I hope you like what I chose. Feel free to let me know your opinions and thoughts. (Please tell me I didn't waste 9 hours of my life putting this together). Happy shopping! xo

Oh and one more thing, you might find this useful.


holiday gift guide beauty makeup 2015
Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance (£5.00, FeelUnique) - solid fragrance version of Zoe's famous Blissful Mistful body mist. I absolutely adore her signature scent running throughout the whole collection and this being the most affordable item on the list is a perfect stocking filler or a small gift for a friend who loves Zoe.

Emma Hardie Merrily Moringa Gift Set (£10.00, FeelUnique) - A facial cleanser comes hand-in-hand with a micro fibre cloth for a luxurious pamper evening resulting a baby smooth and clean skin.

Lush The Night Before Christmas Set ($14.95, your regional Lush website or in-store) - Lush is THE place to buy Christmas presents! I always get one of their fantastic gift boxes every Christmas so I included some of them here too. You can't go wrong with any, but I decided to choose a few. This one is is perfect for a last-minute pretty present for a bath-lover as it comes with a cute moisturizing Butterbear and a color-show Shoot For The Stars bath bombs.

Caudalie Hand Cream Trio Gift Set (£12.00, FeelUnique) - Can't go wrong with this one for winter. Opt for this one for your loved one with constantly dry and cracked hands (as myself). You're guaranteed that they'll appreciate it.

Lush Rosy Christmas Set ($16.95, your regional Lush website or in-store) - Another festive duo from the happy factory that is Lush. This one is perfect for a rose scent lover, as it's not packed with your traditional Christmas scents. I absolutely adore the Rose Jam shower gel and Ro's Argan body conditioner and I wouldn't mind getting this myself.

L'Occitane Delightful Rose Hugs & Kisses Set ($20.00, your regional L'Occitane website or in-store) - I find L'Occitane to be Lush's little sister as they do pampering products made with love. Choose this hand cream and lip balm duo for a person who could use a bit of moisture this winter.

Stila Eternal Love Lipstick Trio (€24.90, BeautyBay) - Stila liquid lipsticks are totally overshadowed by the sea of liquid lipsticks from other brands nowadays, but let me tell you, they're fantastic! And they smell SO nice (vanilla, if you're interested). Spoil your girl with this set of three for a perfect mistletoe-ready pout.

Macadamia Nourish & Repair Mini Trio (€31.70, BeautyBay) - If you have that one someone who's constantly complaining about their damaged hair, this link will lead you to be their guardian angel! This shampoo, hair mask and oil treatment bouquet will leave them thankful!

OPI All Stars 10-Piece Collection (€37.60, BeautyBay) - Can't go wrong with this bunch for a nail enthusiast! It comes with ten mini OPI nail varnishes, featuring a few festive hues as well, meaning only €3,76 a piece!

Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit (€39.00, BeautyBay) - You could save a life with this option! Make your loved one show her bare face proudly with this acne remedy from Mario Badescu. I can assure you they'll be thankful to you forever.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lip Gloss Set ($40.00, ABH) - With a set of eight lip glosses, surprise any makeup junkie with this brand-of-the-moment gift. I'd absolutely love to get this myself!

L'Occitane Luxury Travel Set ($40.00, your regional L'Occitane website or in-store) -  They did it just right this time. They threw travel-sized pamper goodies in a gift set and they couldn't have done it better!

Lush It's Christmas Deer Set ($48.95, your regional Lush website or in-store) - This is one of my favorite Lush boxes this year. Putting aside the adooorable deer tin, you'll totally spoil your someone special with this assortment of bath bombs. It features two of my personal favorites, Luxury Lush Pud and Golden Wonder as well.

Stila Trust In Love Trio (€41.50, BeuatyBay) - I would appreciate even if I got this packaging alone! It's so beautiful! However, it hides a few gems by Stila, 12 gorgeous shades of eyeshadows, mascara and a lip glaze. Lucky the girl who recieves this!

Benefit You're So Party Gift Set (£39.50, LookFantastic) - Another perfect pick for a makeup lover as myself. Some of Benefit's iconic products in a sassy gift set will for sure result as the star of the day.

Morphe Brushes 18 Piece Brush Set (€58.40, BeautyBay) - Morphe Brushes are one of the best ones in the market and they're my personal ride-or-die. Get this fantastic 18-piece set and let me know your recipient's reaction. :)

GLAMGLOW Glamazing Set (€69.25, Nordstrom) - This is a gift to go for if you want to spoil your loved one. Luxury skincare brand, Glamglow, insanely popular amongst the beauty community, offered this awesome bunch of three of their fantastic face masks. Trust me, you can NOT go wrong with this one!


holiday gift guide fashion accessories clothing 2015

Snowflake Pom Pom Onesie (£11.00, Boohoo) - Onesies are still a hit this season! Get ready for sofa cuddles with this affordable and adorable snowflake version.

Cable Wool Beanie (€17.65, ASOS) - what's a winter beanie without a pom pom????? Your fashionista will be cute as a button this winter!

Santa Mule Slippers (£16.00, John Lewis) - festive items are always welcome. These Mr and Mrs Claus slippers will get your recipient go "awwww" and "hahaha". I'm pretty sure you'll get a hug as well :)

Aztec Tassel Cape Cardigan (£20.00, Boohoo) - This fashionable piece is one of my favorites! It will dress up any monochromatic outfit, I'm sure whoever gets this will love it.

Queen Of Naps Nightshirt (€30.88, ASOS) - Opt for this cute nightshirt for a night owl that hisses at sunlight, except on Christmas morning. They might rethink their priorities.

Missguided Lace Black Playsuit (€30.88, ASOS) - Okay, I'd die if I got this! I'd like to take the opportunity to directly hint anyone who knows me. This absolutely stunning piece will be more than welcome to any lucky girl's wardrobe. I'm sure it'll become a staple item in no time!

Rabbit Pyjama Set (£29.00, John Lewis) - This totally cute and playful pj's will make any indoor type's day! I doubt they'll be taking it off within the first 3 months...

Lace Insert Victoriana Blouse (€41.18, ASOS) - Know an elegant and fashionable lady? This stunning blouse will make them go "how'd you know?!". The deep burgundy color is a major plus for the festive season.

Christmas Penguin Onesie (€55.88, ASOS) - Another beyond adorable onesie for movie night-in's. Wake up the child inside your loved one with this playful piece.

Missguided Sequin Bodycon Dress (€66.18, ASOS) - Surprise your girl with this flawless party dress! If you know anyone who's struggling to find a perfect New Year's Eve dress, look no further! *another hint hint hint hint*

ALDO Clutch Bag (€73.53, ASOS) - One of the ultimate splurge pieces for a special person. This gorgeous classy clutch will get them swooning all year long!

Chevron Faux Fur Cape (€88.24, ASOS) - The final, the most expensive fashion item screams luxury (but still in an affrodable luxury category) and stylish. Warm the special someone up with this cape and they'll be turning heads wherever they go.

H O M E & R A N D O M

holiday gift guide home random 2015

Zoella Beauty Travel Pass & Compact Mirror (£6.00, FeelUnique) - a cute little stocking filler from Zoe's range. This rose gold fun compact hides a handy mirror and a card pocket, perfect for on-the-go!

Chocolate Soft Toy (£7.99, John Lewis) - I don't care how old I am, I always get overly excited for plush toys. They just make me happy and remind me of my carefree years. Especially this CHOCOLATE plush toy!! This is the cutest thing on the list, I was staring at it for like 7 minutes straight! Can anyone get me this please?

Donut Mug ($9.95, Amazon) - You see donuts on everything these days but this mug is fairly unique! It's a proper donut-shaped mug! I'm sure anyone you get this for will totally love it.

Gold Monogram Mug (£9.00, Anthropologie) - For toned down version of a hot drink-lover's favorite accessory, go for this classy golden monogram piece. Choose a letter of their first name and make it special.

Faux Fur Cushion (£15.00, John Lewis) - This cute cozy night-in must-have comes in 3 different colors but I personally prefer the light grey. Maybe with one of the onesies and a mug, this will come perfect for a messy-bun girl who loves to spend her Friday nights at home.

Zoella Beauty Classic Vanity Case (£16.00, FeelUnique) - Zoe just nailed it with her latest release! This vanity case will hold up a ton of a makeup hoarder's favorite go-to's. And it looks really cute as a vanity or bedroom accessory!

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Jar ($21.27, Amazon) - I have this exact candle myself, it's my FAVORITE Christmas candle! It smells like freshly baked cookies from the oven! I bought it last year and it's nearly half-empty, meaning it burns for a looong time! If you know a candle lover, they'll appreciate this! And you'll get your money's worth since it's very long-lasting.

Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane Jar ($29.99, Amazon) - Another spin on a festive candle, this one provides a light minty kick inbetween the classic festive sweet treat notes. It's not overly minty, just enough to warm up the room and makes you instantly think of Christmas.

Skinnydip iPhone 6 Unicorn Liquid Glitter Case (€26.47, ASOS) - Skinnydip are the coolest iPhone cases out there at the moment! You can't go wrong with any of them but I chose this unicorn one for the one outgoing and trendy person in your life. The liquid glitter makes it extra unique (as if unicorns weren't enough).

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera ($83.99, Amazon) - This little device is the one to go for if you know a tech lover who still hasn't got a polaroid camera (she's not the only one). It makes a beautiful accessory and captures even more beautiful moments for eternity. Don't forget to pick up a film to go with it!

Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones ($179.99) - the last and the most special gift of the category goes to the super fashionable Frends headphones! I'd kill to have a pair myself! These are the headphones you see all over minimalist blogs and I can guarantee you'll be someone's favorite person if you got them these!

Love, Klaudia

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  1. Love this! so many great things ...I need t run to macys and see if I can get my hands on ABH Lip gloss set