30 Festive Questions

Friday, December 18, 2015

Hi loves!
With Christmas just around the corner, I saw this cute question tag on Tumblr and decided to make it a post. Just as something festive to kill time with and let you get to know me better. If YOU are reading this, please consider answering these too! If you do, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your answers. xo
1: What do you want for Christmas
Honestly I'd be happy with a peaceful mind this Christmas. After everything I've been through this half of the year, all I want is at least one day of happiness. But as for material things, I'd love to get a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, any single makeup item Jaclyn Hill uses or anything I went "awwww" or "oh my God I want this!!" for.

2: Have you done a secret Santa this year?

3: Favourite Christmas film?
 Home Alone 1 and 2 are a no-brainer for me. It airs on my national tv each December and I HAVE to watch them, no matter what. I also really like Elf.

4: Do you use Christmas crackers?
 Never used them.

5: What did you get last Chrismas?
 Quite plenty of stuff, nothing major but a lot of smaller things. A Lush gift, pyjamas, chocolate and sweeties as always etc (can't remember the rest tbh). I also went on a trip to Vienna 2 days after Christmas and got a Starbucks tumbler and few bits from Primark. Does that count?

6: Do you go to church at Christmas?
 Always. Especially a midnight mass on Christmas Eve/Christmas. I'm sad to see that Christmas has gotten so commercial and all about the Santa, elves and made up characters. When in reality, it's Jesus' birthday and in my mind, that's the most important.

7: What advent calendar do you have?
 This year I have a chocolate one, not just your usual plain Cadbury's or supermarket brand cardboard-taste chocolate, this one has some awesome truffles with spectacular fillings and oh my God I feel things with this calendar. Have no idea which brand honestly.

8: Do you know the Christmas story?
 I'm not sure if I got this question right, you mean a story of Jesus' birth? I definitely do, that is Christmas after all.

9: Have you been to any Christmas events this year?
Again not quite sure what do you mean by events. I went to the city several times with all the Christmas setups and gatherings. 

10: Favourite gift you've ever gotten?
Don't have a favorite, all the gifts I get are the things I've wanted or am really pleased with them.

11: Do you get excited for Christmas?
Normally, HECK YES. This year, not so much (family's not around).

12: Do you have Christmas dinner?
Usually yes, this year, again, no idea. I'm really not feeling the spirit this year.

13: Do you spend a lot on Christmas presents?
No. I don't buy a lot to be honest, and I don't have income either.

14: Is this your first Christmas on your blog?

15: Favorite Christmas song?
O Holy Night. I am SO much more into the classic carols instead of overly commercialized love songs such as All I Want For Christmas Is Your or Shake Up The Happiness. It's not what Christmas is about. O Holy Night is a piece of art and I get truly calm while listening to it. If anything, this song can definitely put me in the mood.

16: Favourite chocolate selection tin?
I've only tried Celebrations and I LOVE it! 

17: Do you have any Christmas family traditions?
Probably, although we missed it a couple of times. Going to the midnight mass with my parents and a huge family/relatives gathering at grandma's.

18: Favorite thing about Christmas?
Everything about it. Really, there's not a thing I dislike except the fact that it's the shortest day of the year (yes it is, don't argue with me on this). But for me Christmas Eve is just as magical and festive as the actual Christmas day, if not more.

19: Do you buy your parents presents?
Sometimes, if I've saved up. Although I find it slightly awkward and usually have no idea what to get them.

20: Has it snowed in your town/city yet?
Nope, I'm sure it will catch up in April *creys*

21: Do you still have a Christmas stocking?
Never had them. Nor anyone I know. I guess it's not the tradition in my country, we only have presents under the actual tree.

22: Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
No, only like 6-7 of them.

23: What is on the top of your Christmas tree?
This piece of ornament with a bauble on the bottom and pointy top. I have no idea how you call those.

24: What day did you put your decorations up?
The house decorating happens gradually throughout December, starting with an advent wreath with four advent candles on our tabletop, ending with the putting up the tree on the Christmas Eve.

25: Do you get the festive drinks from coffee shops?
Again, no Starbucks or Costa in my country and all the coffee shops offer all-year round drinks. In Croatia, it's always coffee. Just coffee. And I hate that. I want my grande double chocolate chip peppermint mocha with two pumps of hazelnut. But since I hate coffee, I always opt for classic hot chocolate, that's probably the most festive thing on there.

26: What do you like to do on Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve is more christmassy day than the actual 25th. We always do the final touchups on house decorating and putting up the tree, while my mom is in the kitchen baking cakes and putting together Christmas Eve dinner. After the dinner, we always have a glass of wine or champagne with pineapple chunks in it (important detail) and then relax by the tv and enjoying the warmth of the tree. Around 10 pm we start to get ready for the midnight mass in the cathedral, come home and go to beds. Unfortunately, this applies only to the previous 18 years of my life since this year my family broke apart and now I'm only with my dad. That's another story.

27: Do you own a Christmas jumper?
Yes, three of them.

28: Do you write Christmas cards?
Yes! And collect them as well. 

29: Do you like Mince Pies?
Never had any.

30: Do you watch Christmas specials on TV?
If there's no Christmas movie on, or something I'm super hyped about, yes, of course!

Love, Klaudia.

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