Passion for Palettes: Makeup Revolution Review

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello loves! 
I apologize for my absence, I had a lot going on with graduating high school and final national exams. I'm almost done so lots of regular posts will be coming your way! If you can bare with me, I appreciate you!
Anyway, there's a review on today's menu.
If you're not familiar with the brand Makeup Revolution, they basically do dupes for higher end makeup with very inexpensive price tags and amazing quality products! 
I've been squinting my eyes at this brand for a while, keeping back from it with the thought about it being just another cheap and tacky candidate for getting its name out in the market.
I finally gave in and purchased two palettes, which they're most famous after all. (They've got a LOT of palettes to choose from). 
I went for blushes and bronzers since those are one of my favorite beauty products.
Opening it, I was faced with a really sleek and quality-looking packaging. On smooth black surface lies the Makeup Revolution logo in golden lettering and I give it an A+! There are 8 shades in each palette. The dimensions are not too big and the space is fairly used so there's no spare plastic which makes it travel-friendly. There's also a big mirror that is never unneccessary.

The All About Pink (blush palette) has stunning shades pink. Some of them looked a bit crazy in the pan, but using a light hand they come out as a really soft, beautiful flush of colour on the face. They are also buildable if you like experimenting with a statement cheek colours. The last shades in top and bottom row can also make nice highlighting shades as they have slightly more sheen and reflection than the rest, which are pure colours. 

The All About Bronze palette is nothing different in terms of packaging, size and concept. There are a lot of shades of bronze for every skin tone and, if you're about to contour, mixing some of the shades together I believe there's a perfect shade for everyone as well. The last two colors are more of a highlighter too, just like in the blush palette. (Is it just me who absolutely loooves those swirly textures to products?). The pigmentation is incredible and neither of those two palettes will come to an end anytime soon.

Overall, I'm impressed. I wish I discovered this bargain brand earlier. With the £6 mark each, you don't have an excuse not to try these! Amazing value for money and quality above the expectations. 
Will you be giving these a go? Have you tried any other Makeup Revolution products? Let me know your opinion! xo

Buy - £6
Buy - £6
Love, Klaudia

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  1. the bronzer palette looks stunning, you'd never need to buy another bronzer again! (although i probably still would, i'm a bit of a bronzer obsessive oops)
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    1. I feel you here, you can never have too many bronzers :) xo

      Klaudia //

  2. I've never tried anything from MUR but I really like the look of the blush palette!

    I've got a new post about my nail routine, if you're interested :)
    Hannah x

    1. You should if you get a chance! xo

      Klaudia //