#TBT: Paris, 15/20 July 2014

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey lovely bunch,
It's almost weekend and I have just two more days of school. Two more days of high school ever. I feel like crying. I should be happy at this point but I'll explain my statement on another occasion.
Anyway, it's Thursday so I wanted to do a good old #tbt tag on this blog.
Since this is relatively a new blog, I haven't had it at the time I was on the best vacation of my life and I have a strong urge to share my fab memories with you.
I've always wanted to go to Paris. Who doesn't? It was my on top of my bucketlist for many years and last summer my amazing dad decided to give me the best experience of the City of lights and share it with me.
I think this post could go on for miles and probably make your knuckles freeze due to scrolling so I'll make it as short & cute as I possibly can.
I won't go into detail of each day (that would make a mile-long post in the first place) so I'll just mention few peeks of the trip and sob on my keyboard as I remember the amazing time I had. Also apologies for the iPhone 5 quality.
One of the first monumental spots was the beautiful Montmartre and its surroundings. It was VERY hot these five days (surprisingly for Paris, we haven't caught a drop of rain until the very last day of our stay. And that rain lasted for 20 minutes so it's pretty much nothing to consider) hence why in the following photos I may look tired or have makeup sliding down my face. 
We wandered around Moulin Rouge area followed by exploring inside the stunning Sacré-Cœur church that is standing proud on the top and stopping for a Starbucks and a dinner in the end.


The next day we  headed to the Notre Dame cathedral to catch some darkness and relax our squinty eyes. I loved walking around and seeing the beauty inside. Our sightseeing continued with stepping across the famous Love Bridge and exploring outside the Louvre as well as a very-craved-for timeout in the Tuilleries Garden.  

Our adventures continued early next day (I'd like to point out that we had an early start every single day and I barely had any sleep. But it was worth every shade of dark circles below my eyes and I'm not complaining) by hopping on our bus and heading to Versailles. The famous Chateau de Versailles was being a bit of a diva that steamy hot day and our 90-minute queue wasn't fun at all But as soon as we got in, I couldn't decide where to look first. It was hands down one of the best tourist spots/buildings I've visited in my life.
After seeing the castle and its STUNNING gardens, my dad and I stopped for a lunch and rest in the park nearby.
Later on the day, another unbearable queue in the heat, this time for the boat ride on the Seine. At this point I was physically unstable and felt pretty much like I got my life sucked out by the sun. Overall, lovely experience that you can't miss in Paris.

Now this is where the real star of the trip gets mentioned. 
The line for Versailles and Seine wasn't nearly as exhausting as the extreme 3-hour wait for the Eiffel Tower. But it was worth it, without a doubt, as my dad and I were the only ones in our group who got the tickets to the very top. It was magical, I can't believe that I crossed this off my bucketlist aswell.

The final day was not much as organised as the days before, it was a chillout, free-time, slightly less burning day.
It started off with a visit to the Louvre museum and a Starbucks, followed by spending a bit more money than planned for Laduree macarons (eeeep, I was looking forward to this for the whole trip) and a loooong stroll around Champs Elysees, Rue Royale, Rue de St Honore and all the fancy little streets loaded with fancy little designer shops with fancy not-so-little price tags. 
This last day was very chill but really tiring as we were on our feet non-stop. I won't go in-depth, we had a lovely lunch in Del Arte (I want to marry this restaurant honestly), stopped for a B&J's ice cream, sat down at the Tuilleries and bought some souvenirs and sweeties at this shop Monoprix (which I was kind of weirdly obsessed with it. I mean, cmon, I'm in Paris and out of all the things, Monoprix was the place I frequently found myself in).

Overall, this was my dream vacation that has come to life and I love to reflect on it.
Hope you enjoyed this lovely bouquet of photos of me posing as your typical tourist I am.
Love, Klaudia

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  1. You look so pretty :D Love all the outfits and all the pictures!!

    Pam Scalfi♥

  2. amazing photos! it looks like you really had a great time :)


  3. Amazing photos !
    Paris it's so beautiful.


    1. Thank you! Can't wait to go back! xo


  4. This entry sounds like you had a wonderful time in France and I am happy you were able to tick of some things off your bucket list. I also have a questions and hope I do not come off as rude, but are you naturally that slim, or do you struggle with something that effects your weight? I am a bit worried about you, dear :( ♥

    1. I get asked that A LOT (honestly) so I'm kind of used to it now. Yes, I'm skinny my entire life and I've always envied those girls with bigger boobies haha.
      On top of my genetics that I'm stuck with, I've also been going through a lot of stress at the time and I couldn't do anything about it. But I personally think I look better at the moment.
      I've learned to live with it and it took me years to turn my insecurity to something that I'm confident about. Maybe I'll write about it in a post someday, if I gather my thoughts appropriately. xo

  5. Gorgeous photos, Paris is always a good idea :) Hope you had a lovely time

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

  6. Ah I love love love this post! I used to live in Paris and this was like a trip down memory lane for me. Looks like you had a truly magical time too!

    xx lacoconoire.com